Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Christina Aguilera Sued Over Alleged Photog Punch-Up

Sure, no one who steps out of a club piss drunk at 2 a.m. wants to get their picture taken, but does that justify beating the snot out of the cameraman?
One celebrity photographer who is suing Christina Aguilera suggests not.
According to E! Online, a lawsuit was issued in Los Angeles Supreme Court on Tuesday against Aguilera, her bodyguard and her company Three Wishes Tour Inc. According to the suit, David Keeler was hanging outside a Hollywood nightspot on May 21, 2003, trying to snap paparazzi shots of celebs. In the suit, Keeler claims that when he saw Aguilera walking out of the club, she was drunk and needed help walking to her car, he said in court documents. As Keeler began snapping his shutter, bodyguard Vernon Warren allegedly punched him, spit on him and told him he "needed to learn respect."
But that's not all. Keeler alleges that Warren then asked another man to continue beating him up. The unnamed man is said to have hit him in the back and told him he was "not wanted there."
However, there is good news on the horizon for Aguilera fans. She's working on two new albums — one in English and one in Spanish. And the video for her song, "Voice Within," has been nominated for two MTV Video Music Awards, Best Female Video and Best Cinematography.